About Us

About Fired Clay

As a new/upstart/novice ceramic artist I have been persuaded by several friends, contrary to my own assessment, that some of the pieces I have made over the past few months may be worth selling, hence this website.
I have decided to contribute to the current fundraising towards supporting the NHS frontline staff by donating all the proceeds from this site to the Healthcare Workers Foundation . In particular my concerns lie in the support for staff directly who, as a result of the current pandemic, have suffered loss or are being affected in a way detrimental to their mental health.

Supporting the NHS

There are so many charities who all carry out amazing work, but I have chosen to support the NHS due to the phenomenal job they are doing to help us all through the Coronavirus crisis. That’s why 100% of the proceeds from this website will go to the charity Healthcare Workers’ Foundation. More details of who they are and an opportunity to donate directly without buying anything and here Supporting The NHS.